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Good recordkeeping is the prerequisite for any tax planning strategy.

Want to start 2023 with a BAAANNNNG?
Make sure you keep proper track of your finances


As a hard-working taxpayer, you should always add a tax plan to your financial goals. Here is why...

It Strengthens your Strategy Imagine setting a quarterly revenue sale just to realize at the end of the quarter that your goal was too small.

It gives you peace of mind. With a tax plan, you have one less thing to worry about as you help your client acquire their dream home. 

    You can have a long-term vision of yourself. with a customized tax plan, you can see the impact that one tax strategy you are adopting today can make on your finances in the long run.

But before you get a tax plan, you need a yearly income projection and federal tax projection


About Me...

I am Colin Djieugoue. I am a Certified Public Accountant and I was born to serve.

2 years ago, I bought my first custom home and had an amazing experience with a wonderful realtor. She was available during the entire process. She advocated for me by helping me select the upgrades that would later add value to the house. She introduced me to amazing other professionals like my insurance broker with whom I am still working to this day. That is why I decided to make you, hardworking taxpayers the focus of my practice.

By working with us, to the minimum you will get the same level of excellence you offer to your client. We will be available for you as you evolve and pivot in your realtor career. We will help you have a customized tax plan in alignment with your short-term and long-term goals. We are in a network of thousands of entrepreneurial accountants and we will not hesitate to tap into our network to help you solve a problem that falls beyond the focus of our practice.

I have been in the tax game since 2014 and I made it my mission to eliminate, if not reduce, income tax-related fears that prevent people from going after their financial goals.

P. S., Our name "Homhy" stands for "How may I help you?


What People Say About Me...

Jake G., CPA
Senior Manager
Washington, DC Area

Colin is an amazing, mission-driven professional. He brings passion and special attention to his clientele, and to the work he’s so dedicated to. Working with him, I could always count on timely and complete financial management. Any client that works (with) Colin will be satisfied and thoroughly taken care of!

Mary Rose.jfif
Mary R.
CS Team Lead
Silver Spring, MD

During my first consultation with Colin, I was impressed by his ability to identify some financial goals for me to consider as a young working professional from a broad range of areas including retirement plans, career and professional development, and budgeting. 

Alain N.
Register Nurse
Columbus, OH


Colin K. shows professionalism in his work. He helped me understand the mechanism of taxes at the federal and local levels. I have learned how to optimize my taxes in order to minimize IRS dept. I would gladly recommend his service,..., especially to the young entrepreneurs who want to understand their tax brackets and maximize their benefits.

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Real Estate Agents - NEW

ACCT REAL is an online accounting training designed for realtors who would like to efficiently run their real estate business with simple and actionable tips.

In this course, you will learn.:

  1. How to differentiate business expenses from personal expenses (multiple examples and nuances). 

  2. Learn simple ways to have an efficient and actionable recordkeeping system

  3. Learn different tax strategies that could apply to you as you grow your real estate business

If you would like to use the BETA version of the course at a super discount, please let us know.

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