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A clean audit opens for your nonprofit the door to receiving more donations.

We Specialize in Nonprofit Audit Readiness and Remediation Efforts.


Here are three tips to succeed on a financial audit

Be well-organized and prepared: This means having all of your financial records in order and easily accessible, as well as having a clear understanding of your organization's financial processes and internal controls. Before the audit, take the time to review your financial records and ensure that everything is accurate and up-to-date. 

Communicate openly and transparently:  This means being responsive to requests for information and providing clear and accurate answers to any questions that may arise. If there are any issues or concerns that may impact the audit, it's important to communicate these to the auditors as soon as possible. By being open and transparent, you can help to build trust and establish a positive working relationship with the auditors.

Take the audit process seriously: This means treating the auditors with respect and professionalism and making every effort to provide them with the information and support they need to complete the audit. It's also important to be proactive in addressing any issues or concerns that may arise during the audit and to work collaboratively with the auditors to find solutions. By taking the audit process seriously, you can help to ensure that the audit is completed efficiently and with a positive outcome.


About Me...

I am Colin Djieugoue, a Certified Public Accountant and I was born to serve.

With over 5 years of nonprofit accounting experience, I am specialized in Audit Readiness and Remediation Efforts. My goal is to prepare small non-profits for a successful financial audit. A successful audit is quintessential to the confidence you want to convey about your nonprofit to its stakeholders, especially members, board of directors, and donors.

By working with us, you get a customized service that fits your needs both short-term and long-term. My mission is to see you fulfill your nonprofit's mission with efficiency.


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What is it like to work with Colin?

Jake G., CPA
Senior Manager
Washington, DC Area

Colin is an amazing, mission-driven professional. He brings passion and special attention to his clientele, and to the work he’s so dedicated to. Working with him, I could always count on timely and complete financial management. Any client that works (with) Colin will be satisfied and thoroughly taken care of!

Mary Rose.jfif
Mary R.
CS Team Lead
Silver Spring, MD

During my first consultation with Colin, I was impressed by his ability to identify some financial goals for me to consider as a young working professional from a broad range of areas including retirement plans, career and professional development, and budgeting. 

Julie Jones.jfif
Julie J., CPA
Partner - Marcum
Bethesda, MD


Colin is a polished financial professional with extensive nonprofit financial management skills. He understands the importance of clear and detailed information and understands the complex accounting transactions that nonprofit organizations can have. He is a hard worker and always willing to assist as needed to get the job done! 

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