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My Story...

I have been a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for over 7 years

working mainly with corporations and helping individuals and small businesses file their taxes. But what gets me really going is helping people in any way that I can. That is why my company is called Homhy (How May I Help You) Advisors.

Not long ago, a friend and long-time client Bo, who is a healthcare hero serving as a traveler registered nurse in a hospital in Brooklyn, NY was about to drop his gig because he felt he was paying too much in taxes. Luckily, he came to me, and in a few minutes, we were able to add a little over one thousand dollars/week to his take-home pay just by making some adjustments to his withholding form W-4. That is over four thousand dollars a month. 

The most important thing is that he did not leave those Brooklyn patients and their families without his expertise. Since that day, I made it my mission to educate as many healthcare heroes as I can on tax-planning opportunities so that they never drop an opportunity to help patients because they are afraid of taxes.


Contact me today if you want me to be like Bo.



Colin K. Djieugoue, CPA

Founder of Homhy Advisors, llc

Charles Pics.PNG

Indianapolis, IN

If you have ever been audited by IRS, then you agree that it is not an easy process and can be really stressful...Colin decided to advise me and with his advice, I was able not only to manage easily stress but also to win my case with IRS. I strongly recommend Colin for all your tax issues. I strongly recommend Colin for all your tax issues.

Mary Rose.jfif

Mary Rose
Silver Spring, MD

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Colin Djieugoue, CPA, for his consulting and financial services. Colin is highly professional, timely, and attentive. He genuinely cares about his clients and meeting their specific needs.

Michel Ngako.jfif

Pembroke Pines, FL

As of today, he’s still taking time to listen to any crazy financial idea of mine, and occasionally supply me with extensive documentation and guidance.
I’m recommending CPA Colin to any one who seriously want to start or take his business to the next level.
Please don’t just acknowledge my words, try his services and thanks me later!

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